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Tony Hancock
Anthony John Hancock (12 May 1924 – 25 June 1968)

Hancock On Blu-Ray
Two of the best known films coming out in High Definition,
Newly restored from the original camera negatives.

(on Blu-Ray and DVD)
The Rebel Blu-Ray CoverThe Rebel
The Rebel is a 1961 satirical comedy film about the clash between bourgeois and bohemian cultures. Starring Tony Hancock, it was written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
The Day Off - scriptInitial copies of The Rebel include a limited edition booklet containing the script for The Day Off - which would have been Galton and Simpson's second film for Hancock had he not turned it down. (95mm x 144mm 110 pages)

The Punch and Judy Man Blu-Ray Cover
The Punch and Judy Man

The Punch and Judy Man is a 1963 British comedy film directed by Jeremy Summers from a script by Philip Oakes and Tony Hancock for the Associated British Picture Corporation.

Both out 30th September 2019 for Network Distributing Ltd.
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